I felt the same way when I performed my first surgery and when I clicked my first photo with my first DSLR camera. I am Dr Vimal Hemani, an ENT and Head & Neck surgeon. When I perform typical cancer operations, I put all my aptitude and all my insight completely centred around my hands and brain. Similarly, when I click a photo I do likewise. Results are also similar, a delightful life or an enlightened frame. Both professions need patience and faith. A blend of these both fields are communicated here by means of my photographs.

I started photography around just about 6 years prior in 2014. I began my excursion taking photographs around the corner from where I live. Soon the hobby turned in to passion. And ended up to multiple destinations around the world like Australia, Nepal, Iceland, Kenya and Netherland. Locally, I have been to soul free photo outings to Leh-Laddakh to spiritual photoshoots at Latthmar Festival in Nandgaon, Vrindavan Holi festivals, Pushkar Mela and Shivratri Bhavnath Mela. Adventure photo shoots to Kabini, Sasan Gir, Thol Bird Sanctuary, Velavadar national park, Little Runn of Kutchh, and Tadoba Tiger Reserve. All these places, have given me the meaning of life, a reason to smile, and certainly an inspiration to capture different emotions of nature.

I am a founder member of "Fotography Club Rajkot" for Rajkot photographers. We provide training for beginners via Photo Walks every weekend. We organize Photo Talks, Workshops, bring experts to teach them innovative photography techniques. In Rajkot, we also conducted 2 major photography Exhibitions that profited noble cause associations.

This website will precisely show you the manner in which I see the world, the manner in which I take a look at it or the manner in which I need them to be.